Dyslexia and Personal Consulting

A dyslexic is like a turtle with wings. A rabbit can teach it to jump and run, but it will never be as fast as the rabbit. The turtle must realise that although it is good to know how to walk, run and jump, there is a faster, funner and easier way to move. A dyslexic thinks in three dimensions which makes it easier to understand complexities, but when he or she is confronted to isolated details it is hard to grasp because the dyslexic needs logic, understanding and coherence in order to learn.


We would like dyslexia to stop being lived as a frustration; Dyslexia needs to be accepted as what it truly is. When it is properly understood, dyslexia is an honor, because it helps to understand complexities and makes one free to be creative within all of these complexities, in order to create new understanding and endless possibilities.


Coaching is about Understanding People and passively helping them understand themselves. A person that is dyslexic needs to understand his dyslexia in order to understand himself, and a person that is suffering from his Dyslexia needs to understand this suffering in order to use it as a strength. Many people live with dyslexia very happily and have learned to use it as a strength. Once it is understood and/or used well, it can be considered the greatest human strength, as it is the capacity of using the two sides of the brain simultaneously. It is all about knowledge, acceptance and trust; knowledge of dyslexia, acceptance of its strengths and trust in these extraordinary capacities.

In a few numbers …

One person out of five has learning issues

One person out of ten is dyslexic

Dyslexics use three times more of their brain capacity

Our  consultant

Louis de Nassau has experience in the humanitarian world, environmental management and the sector of impact investing. He has a strong understanding and will to help within dyslexia due to first hand experience and formations given by Beatrice Sauvageot who is one of the leading experts in this field.

After completing an MA in Psychosocial Studies and his training in authentic leadership, he trained as a professional business coach under the leadership of Laurent Meeschaert.

Our  partnership

In partnership with Beatrice Sauvageot I am fine-tuning her method of understanding and working with dyslexia in order to adapt it to directional consulting. Beatrice Sauvageot is a leading Orthophoniste and Neuroscientist within the field of dyslexia. She founded ‘Puissance Dys’ and has been perfecting her own method of helping dyslexics since 1992.

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