Personalised coaching

Coaching is a relationship based on trust between the coach and yourself to help you achieve your professional objectives. Through a continuous dialogue, the coach gives you professional and confidential time in order to take some distance from the problems and challenges you face and see them through a different lens. Centred on action, coaching permits you to formulate your vision and take appropriate and clearly- set steps to attain your professional goals.

You wish to

  • Acquire personal mentoring in your professional evolution.
  • Help a collaborator get a personal mentor.
  • Know yourself better, understand your management style and your impact on others.
  • Use your strengths to further your professional development.
  • Strengthen your relationship with the collaborator in a partnership that is based on trust.
  • Be accompanied in a period of professional transition.
  • Develop your communication and managerial competences: assertiveness, ability to delegate, organising priorities…


Our methodology

  • Development: The consultant helps you through the first stages of a new position and responsibility.
  • Resolution: The consultant assists you with conflict resolution.
  • Solution: The consultant helps you through difficult professional situations
  • Decision-making: The consultant brings you precision and clarity within specific choice.


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