Skills assessment – Outplacement

A skills assessment consists in a thorough analysis of experience and personality. We will analyse your professional experience so as to find the next step in your career. This can take the shape of career shift with in the same industry or within a different sector, depending on the outcome of the sessions.

We also offer a preliminary session to find out what your needs are.

This first session is free of charge. It is to find out if the client wants to establish professional relations with us. We discuss what we can offer and what your expectations are. We can then set up a contract and define what services you require.

Bilan de compétences

Skills assessment

First stage

This first part starts off with an analysis of the main stages of your life, the strengths that helped you throughout these stages and your motivations in the choices you made.

The second part consists in helping you get to know yourself with the support of different tests and personality questionnaires:

• Your motivations: identifying the reasons for the path you have taken and the choices you have made by discovering your main motivations as well as your life dynamic (The Anchor test).
• Your personality: finding out the preferred working methods and helping you use this information in your communication skills (MBTI and CGP indicators).
• Your interests: identifying your preferred work environment (Strong test)

Objective: Re-appropriating your story, and through this understanding, defining the areas that need strengthening.

Second stage

A detailed analysis of your working experience: context, work environment, missions, results and achievements, acquired strengths and your own self-assessment.

You will better understand your past experience through the light of your personality in order to:
• Identify to what extent your personality has been expressed and accomplished in your experiences.
• Understand the reasons for your accomplishments as well as your failures.
• Define the environment you need with regards to your personality.

Objective: Bring value to your strengths and motivations as well as identify the necessary conditions to facilitate success.

Third stage

Through the first and second steps, you will be able to identify your principal character traits and see how coherent they are with your professional experience.

Then you will determine the key points for an optimal re-positioning.

A business survey could become necessary if there is still need for clarity. This permits a concrete understanding of the work environment in which you are interested.

Our consultants accompany you in this search by giving you a detailed questionnaire to use, as well as in-depth information in relation to the given position.

Objective: determine a realistic professional project while having analysed all possible outcomes.

Fourth stage

You analyse the key points of your skills assessment.

You define a plan of action that will permit you to rapidly realise your professional project.

Objective: adopt your professional project and make the necessary preparations.

Fifth stage

You will train to present the project orally and in writing to your network or in preparation for a job interview.

Sixth stage

When asked by the company, a debriefing session can be given by you and your consultant.

Objective: work with the company to accomplish your project.


We propose a personal mentoring of at least six months with individual as well as group sessions in order to accompany you in a time of personal and professional transition.

First stage – Skills assessment

Objective: find your skills and know your personality in order to define a professional project which is realistic and can be communicated with clarity and ease.

Second stage – Active job search

Group sessions with a consultant-coach:
Once every two months, a group of 4 to 7 individuals, who are all going through a professional transition, work on job search procedure, objectives and motivations.
Personalised coaching depending on your needs
If you need more training in learning to present yourself and your project, we can help you improve your confidence. We will give you the tools to get the message across convincingly, in writing and orally. We can teach you how to project the right body language and teach you how to use social media effectively. If you want to create your own business structure, we can offer guidance.

Individual training: you will also be accompanied individually by your consultant in order to optimise your progress, identify possible issues that may arise, and receive moral support.

Objective: we will teach you how to prepare documents and interviews for your job search, as well as help you advance in your project with the support and creativity of a group.


Nous vous proposons un accompagnement personnalisé d’au moins 6 mois, avec une alternance d’entretiens individuels et de temps d’échanges en groupe afin de vous accompagner dans une période de transistion professionnelle et personnelle.

ÉTAPE 1 – Bilan de compétences 

Objectifs : Identifier votre personnalité et vos compétences, afin de définir un projet professionnel réaliste, et communiquer ensuite sur votre projet.


Entraînement en équipe, animée par un consultant-coach :

Une équipe de 4 à 7 personnes en transition professionnelle se réunit sur un rythme bi-mensuel pour travailler la démarche de recherche, les objectifs et les motivations.
Proposition d’ateliers, selon votre besoin : Rédaction de CV, Entraînement aux entretiens de recrutement, Expression corporelle et orale, Réseaux sociaux, Conseil en image, Convaincre, Création d’entreprise

Suivi individuel : en parallèle, vous êtes activement suivi par votre consultant pour optimiser vos démarches, lever les freins, recueillir les fruits du coaching d’équipe, identifier les obstacles à surmonter, bénéficier d’un appui moral tout au long de la démarche de recherche d’emploi.

Objectifs : Tester les entretiens et les documents de recherche d’emploi, avancer concrètement dans votre recherche avec le soutien et la créativité d’une équipe


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