Saving Dyslexia

Dyslexics used to be seen as having constant problems with concentration and laziness, but anyone would seem that way if they where confronted to their weaknesses on a constant basis. Dyslexics find it hard to concentrate because they feel bad about themselves. They feel bad about how difficult something that seems so easy for everyone else is. They lose motivation, get into a survival mode and forget to live. Their will to live is weakened, but one keeps telling them that they need to work hard in order to have a life. Life is not a vision or motivation; they don’t need life, they need purpose in life. They need to feel useful, needed, worth something and know that they are not a weight for the world. This has to be made clear in an authentic way, or else it is useless. Before the age of 6 a child is happy about every compliment it gets, but after that they learn to observe more than what they can see and a fake intention can destroy a child to nearly the same extent than no intention would; the child looses trust in the others as well as himself.  

Give them the space they need to flourish. They need to feel respected in their environment. Give them something to be proud about or they will struggle in everything. Give them something to become. Give them a vision. Give them motivation. Stop only giving them more and more work. It is exhausting and it will deteriorate everything inside of them except for that little capacity which is being learned.

Reading, writing, mathematical equations and all that consists in details for a greater understanding are important, but they are nothing in comparison to the greater understanding they bring. What is a heart in comparison to a full functioning human body? It is just a detail in comparison, but it is vital because without the heart there would be no functioning human body.

The small things in life create the bigger ones, but they remain just a method of understanding the bigger things in life. What if there was a brain that could understand the bigger things without the need for understanding smaller details. Now that would be a superpower. A brain that could understand concepts, theories and realities without the need for a detailed analysis of details. This is what dyslexics do most naturally.

Dyslexics are incapable of understanding each little detail without huge amounts of work and memorization, which is completely counterintuitive to the way their thinking process functions. Dyslexics work with logic and bringing things together that have a link in order to create understanding. One understanding leads to another which creates a mindmap of knowledge. Within those links everything becomes clear and there is no need for the comprehension of every detail. The great thing about this way of learning and thinking is that everything is some how related to each other, and so this thinking process is limitless.

Once a single understanding is gained one wants to go further and further within that understanding and the next that comes from it and the next and the next and the next… This leaves no time or patience to stop and think about the details that make up this understanding. The understanding itself is enough and it will be confirmed by the further understanding it brings. If an understanding is false it will be brought to light by the links that where and are continuously made. Once something is shown to be false the links don’t fall apart, instead they find other links.

A dyslexic brain can do details if it is forced to, but it does not understand why it has to be restricted in this way. It wants to go find ideas, solutions, understanding, concepts… A dyslexic does not need details in order to create understanding, but if you do give him details to understand than also explain why. Tell him that weaknesses need to be strengthened in order to get more access to understanding and that because his strength is the capacity to understand he needs to be able to process as much material as possible, because we need him to understand, because the world needs understanding, because the world needs his capacity to understand.


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